Awesome Trip To Finland

Finland is one of the beautiful countries in northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland which has historic and beautiful places.

If you plan to go to Finland, you can land at Helsinki airport. Plan a vacation with the family to Finland.

Finland can be a beautiful place to spend vacation time. there are many beautiful places and historical places that we must visit.

Before we go on vacation, prepare a few things to make the holiday more enjoyable.

Preparations For A Holiday To Finland

Before leaving for vacation, of course, we have to make a list of what places we want to visit. In addition, we also have to find the best airline so that flights to Finland run comfortably and safely.

Here are some things you should prepare before going to Finland:

  1. Find the Best Airlines

The trip to Finland certainly takes a long time. Therefore you should look for airlines that make your trip comfortable.

Also pay attention to the food provided by the airline so that during the trip, you and your children can enjoy it.

Buy economy or business tickets so the kids can rest comfortably during the trip.

  1. Prepare the Vehicle

In addition to looking for airlines, you also need to look for vehicle rentals while traveling to Finland. To easily move places comfortably.

Your children also need to rest in a comfortable car. so look for a comfortable vehicle for a road trip to Finland.

  1. Visit Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. You can visit Turku. Here you will see buildings with Eastern European and Russian nuances.

Look for hotels around Helsinki. Because here is the center of historical buildings, then you can explore many historical places here.

Helsinki also has many delicious restaurants. You can find fresh fish in every restaurant every day in Finland.

In Helsinki, there are also pottery and glass factories. This factory is called the Ittala and Arabia factory. For those of you who want to collect pottery, you can come to this place. This pottery factory has been in existence for decades.

  1. Visit the Sauna

Almost every place in Finland has a sauna. If you visit Finland, don’t forget to visit the sauna. At Helsinki airport, they also have a sauna inside.

One of the modern saunas that you can visit with your family is the sauna at Loyly. This sauna is the most modern sauna and the first sauna in Finland.

A sauna can help the body to get rid of toxins and relax our body muscles. Almost every house in Finland has its sauna.

After you’ve been to a good restaurant, it’s time to let go of some calories in a smoked sauna. Dip your feet into the warm pool and sit and chat with the family.

  1. Amos Rex

This place is an art museum that you can visit while in Helsinki. All the exhibits here are made by extraordinary architects.

You can walk to destinations in Helsinki because the city is very pedestrian-friendly.

Here is The Top 20 Family Road Trip Favorites

Summer vacation has arrived, it’s time for your family to plan a road trip. Take your kids on a road trip and enjoy their summer vacation.

And you don’t have to worry that this trip will be boring. Because there are many ways to keep kids in the car while on a summer vacation road trip.

Top 20 Road Trip Favorites

We collected 20 mandatory things that need to be brought on a road trip. These things are children’s favorite so they don’t get bored during the trip.

Here’s the list:

  1. Wiki Stix

This toy will make a very pleasant travel companion. Children can increase their creativity by playing Wiki Stix.

  1. Headrest

The headrest on the car seat will make the children feel comfortable sleeping during the trip.

  1. Doodle Board

If the child is getting bored, there is no need to give paper and a pencil. Bring a doodle board so they can draw and play along the way.

  1. Headphones

Bring headphones because they are easy to fold and put in the bag. Buy wireless headphones so the kids can wear them comfortably.

  1. Disney Storybooks

Bring a collection of Disney stories. Including the songs that fill Disney movies.

  1. Buoy

If you plan to go to the beach or lake. Don’t forget to bring a life jacket. Let your child blow the buoy during the trip to be more excited to go on vacation.

  1. Favorite Snacks

Snacks are something that should not be forgotten. Buy children’s favorite snacks ranging from ice cream to their favorite snacks.

  1. Adventurer’s Journal

An adventure journal is a notebook that can document the journey of children. They should write down their experiences and what they experienced during their vacation trip. so that they will remember it until old age.

  1. Kid Map

Buy a Kid Map that they can unlock during the trip. This map is easier for children to read because it has cheerful colors. So that they can understand their journey more enjoyable.

  1. Colorful Bags

To make them more excited, bring colorful bags of their choice to store their toys and books.

  1. Podcats

Set up Spotify with children’s podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts for kids to listen to along the way.

  1. Mad Libs Book

This book contains funny and crazy holiday stories for children.

  1. Magnet Game

This game can make the child’s journey busier and not make him bored.

  1. Travel Podcats

This podcast can be listened to with parents so they can know other family vacation stories.

  1. Sticker Book

Buy a sticker book filled with funny faces.

  1. Mini Eraser

You can give it as a gift when the child starts to feel bored.

  1. Travel Journal

Contains what activities they will do and travel instructions

  1. Stamp

Stamps can be put on every trip they have done

  1. iPad holder

So that children can watch comfortably

  1. Favorite Games

Bring a game that can stimulate his brain so he doesn’t get bored on the trip.