How To Have a Flexible Days at Home



Life balance is very important. When we are tired from daily work activities, then make the weekend a flexible day.

So are our children. They also need time to refresh from their school day and spend time relaxing at home. The importance of doing leisure time at home is so that we are not stressed in dealing with daily activities.

Creating A Flexible Day At Home

The importance of having flexible days at home is that we can enjoy time with family by doing various positive activities. Children almost go to school every day so we need to give them time to relax.

Likewise, those of us who have spent weekdays working and rarely gather with children. The following are activities that we can do at home when relaxing days arrive:

  1. Reading Books

Children are book lovers. Before getting out of bed, you can make a cup of coffee and accompany your child to read his favorite book.

Ask your child to retell what books he has read. You can also tell him a book he wants to hear from his mother.

  1. Sunbathing

To restore energy, we can invite children to bask in the morning sun. While taking you for a sport or a walk with your favorite dog.

Basking in the sun will make the body healthier. So that our flexible days can be put to good use.

  1. Washing Clothes

Train your child to wash clothes. Using electronics during the day is much more economical than at night.

Invite your child to work together to wash clothes and fold clothes. Invite them to wash their favorite doll too.

This activity helps us to recover energy. Moreover, we are helped by our children to have flexible days at home.

  1. Making Cookies

Sometimes we need to make the children’s favorite cake at home. You can involve them to help you make cookies, donuts, or pancakes.

Let them be creative in decorating the cakes. You can accompany them when decorating the cake. Allow them to touch the cake ingredients so they can learn as early as possible.

If you bake his favorite cake, then he can spend flexible time at home very well.

  1. Washing the Dishes

Make children responsible after cooking. Even though you use an electronic washing machine, make him help with all your activities.

Let them wash the equipment they have used. Teach the children to clean the table after baking.

This will train them a sense of responsibility and you can also spend a pleasant time at home.

  1. Painting

To fill flexible time at home, you can paint with your child. This activity will make your mood better and ready to go through the working days.

Painting can train our children’s creativity. After you finish painting, display your and your child’s paintings in the family room so you can remember the beautiful moments together.

Make a regular schedule to paint with your child while practicing your child’s skills so they can spend relaxing time at home.

12 Favorite Autumn Outfits

Autumn is a beautiful season. We can see the fallen leaves along the way. Of course this season the wind is blowing very hard.

We start to need warm clothes when autumn comes. The signs of winter have arrived, it’s time for you to prepare your favorite clothes.

12 Favorite Fall Outfits

Autumn is coming soon. The weather became colder than usual. We have to start getting ready to wear thick clothes or jackets.

Here are some of your favorite fall clothes that you must have:

  1. Linen Pants

Linen pants are very comfortable pants to wear. The material is quite thick and warm. So we can use it when we leave the house.

You can choose linen pants with a slim-fit model to make them more comfortable to use for a walk.

  1. Sweaters

Although it is not yet winter, autumn already has cold weather. Have your sweaters ready in the closet.

Now you can wear a sweater with a t-shirt and pair it with linen pants. This will be very convenient for you to use for hangouts.

  1. Boots

In autumn the wind starts to cool. You must prepare boots to complete your appearance.

Buy boots in neutral colors like brown and black. Pair it with your favorite skirt or pants.

  1. Velvet Jacket

A velvet jacket is a key to dealing with the fall before winter. You need this jacket if you want to go out at night.

The night wind will be very cold, so you need a velvet jacket to warm up. Don’t forget a velvet jacket every time you want to go out at night.

  1. Skinny Jeans

If you are looking for warmer pants, you can prepare jeans. Jeans will make your legs look taller.

In autumn, jeans serve to warm your body. You can match jeans with your favorite sweater.

  1. Socks

Don’t forget to wear socks too. It’s important to warm the bottoms of your feet so you don’t get sick in the fall.

  1. Jumpers

If you want it warmer, you can use a jumper. After the jumper will be simpler because only one part.

There are many models of jumper that you can choose to be autumn clothes. Also, use a jacket outside of a jumper to keep your body warm.

  1. Turtle Neck Flannel

This fall dress is a crowd favorite. Both women and men can use this flannel turtle neck. This shirt will keep you warm because it covers your neck.

  1. Turtle neck Sweater

There are many turtle neck sweaters that you can wear throughout the fall. This will help keep your body warm throughout the day.

  1. Layered Coat

If it’s getting cold, you can use a layered coat every time you leave the house. Make sure the coat is thick and warm.

  1. Hat

The hat will also warm your head. So use a hat or beanie while out of the house.

  1. Jogger Pants

These pants can be comfortable pants that you wear all day and keep you warm.

10 Family Favorite Vacation Spots

Family vacations are the most fun, especially for children. They will remember vacation moments with their family until they grow up.

All memories during family vacations can be immortalized in photos and social media posts. The most important thing is that we can give the best time to our children.

Family’s Favorite Vacation Spot

Of course, there are favorite places for family vacations that must be on our wishlist. Make a list of tourist attractions that you will visit with your children.

Spend vacation time with your children so that when they return to school they will have their spirits up again.

Here is a list of the world’s favorite family vacation spots:

  1. Walt Disney

Who does not know this tourist spot?. Almost every family in the world visits Walt Disney. Here you can see shows from all the Disney cartoons.

This place is in Orlando, where many circus shows use Disney costumes. In addition, you can also snorkel in this area.

  1. Fire Island

Being in New York, this place is one of the favorite places for family vacations. Here you will not find shops and cars.

Because here is a place of natural beauty. You can invite children to love nature more. Because the beach here is very beautiful and clean.

  1. Santa Cruz

Being in California, this place is full of farms and ranches. The kids could see dogs and chickens on the farm.

You can rent a bicycle to get around the beach and hunt for ceramics in the city center.

  1. Grand Canyon

Bring your family to see one of the natural wonders in the world. This national park is perfect for a family vacation.

You can see very beautiful scenery. There are many rides that your children can try here. But it should always be under your supervision.

  1. San Diego

If you want to take the kids to the beach, go to San Diego. Here you will find many clean and beautiful beaches.

Coronado Beach and Mission Beach are family-friendly beaches. Here you will find calm waves.

Once satisfied playing on the beach, you can also visit the zoo in San Diego.

  1. Orcas Island

Orcas Island is in Washington. This place is perfect for a summer vacation. You can take a ferry to explore this island.

This place has very cold blue water. In addition, it is surrounded by pine trees and makes the atmosphere in this place very cool.

  1. Hawaii

Who is not familiar with this place. Besides being used as a Honeymoon place, Hawaii is also one of the favorite places for family vacations.

Here you can stay in Waikiki and have an unforgettable experience. All lodging services in Waikiki place great importance on your experience.

The sea with blue skies and white sand makes children excited. After you spend time in Hawaii, the hotel staff will give a surprise fireworks party for your family.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located in California. This place is one of the family’s favorite tourist spots. Here we will see a private beach on a lake.

The accommodation here is equipped with a swimming pool. You can spend time cycling, BBQ, hiking, and more.

  1. Exuma Island

Being in the Bahamas, this place is a very quiet beach. You can take your child to build a sandcastle on the beach without worrying about big waves. Spend time with family at this place.

  1. Jackson Hole

This place is suitable if you want a winter vacation. Because 3 mountains can be used for skiing or hiking. Take your kids to practice skiing here

Awesome Trip To Finland

Finland is one of the beautiful countries in northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland which has historic and beautiful places.

If you plan to go to Finland, you can land at Helsinki airport. Plan a vacation with the family to Finland.

Finland can be a beautiful place to spend vacation time. there are many beautiful places and historical places that we must visit.

Before we go on vacation, prepare a few things to make the holiday more enjoyable.

Preparations For A Holiday To Finland

Before leaving for vacation, of course, we have to make a list of what places we want to visit. In addition, we also have to find the best airline so that flights to Finland run comfortably and safely.

Here are some things you should prepare before going to Finland:

  1. Find the Best Airlines

The trip to Finland certainly takes a long time. Therefore you should look for airlines that make your trip comfortable.

Also pay attention to the food provided by the airline so that during the trip, you and your children can enjoy it.

Buy economy or business tickets so the kids can rest comfortably during the trip.

  1. Prepare the Vehicle

In addition to looking for airlines, you also need to look for vehicle rentals while traveling to Finland. To easily move places comfortably.

Your children also need to rest in a comfortable car. so look for a comfortable vehicle for a road trip to Finland.

  1. Visit Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. You can visit Turku. Here you will see buildings with Eastern European and Russian nuances.

Look for hotels around Helsinki. Because here is the center of historical buildings, then you can explore many historical places here.

Helsinki also has many delicious restaurants. You can find fresh fish in every restaurant every day in Finland.

In Helsinki, there are also pottery and glass factories. This factory is called the Ittala and Arabia factory. For those of you who want to collect pottery, you can come to this place. This pottery factory has been in existence for decades.

  1. Visit the Sauna

Almost every place in Finland has a sauna. If you visit Finland, don’t forget to visit the sauna. At Helsinki airport, they also have a sauna inside.

One of the modern saunas that you can visit with your family is the sauna at Loyly. This sauna is the most modern sauna and the first sauna in Finland.

A sauna can help the body to get rid of toxins and relax our body muscles. Almost every house in Finland has its sauna.

After you’ve been to a good restaurant, it’s time to let go of some calories in a smoked sauna. Dip your feet into the warm pool and sit and chat with the family.

  1. Amos Rex

This place is an art museum that you can visit while in Helsinki. All the exhibits here are made by extraordinary architects.

You can walk to destinations in Helsinki because the city is very pedestrian-friendly.

Here is The Top 20 Family Road Trip Favorites

Summer vacation has arrived, it’s time for your family to plan a road trip. Take your kids on a road trip and enjoy their summer vacation.

And you don’t have to worry that this trip will be boring. Because there are many ways to keep kids in the car while on a summer vacation road trip.

Top 20 Road Trip Favorites

We collected 20 mandatory things that need to be brought on a road trip. These things are children’s favorite so they don’t get bored during the trip.

Here’s the list:

  1. Wiki Stix

This toy will make a very pleasant travel companion. Children can increase their creativity by playing Wiki Stix.

  1. Headrest

The headrest on the car seat will make the children feel comfortable sleeping during the trip.

  1. Doodle Board

If the child is getting bored, there is no need to give paper and a pencil. Bring a doodle board so they can draw and play along the way.

  1. Headphones

Bring headphones because they are easy to fold and put in the bag. Buy wireless headphones so the kids can wear them comfortably.

  1. Disney Storybooks

Bring a collection of Disney stories. Including the songs that fill Disney movies.

  1. Buoy

If you plan to go to the beach or lake. Don’t forget to bring a life jacket. Let your child blow the buoy during the trip to be more excited to go on vacation.

  1. Favorite Snacks

Snacks are something that should not be forgotten. Buy children’s favorite snacks ranging from ice cream to their favorite snacks.

  1. Adventurer’s Journal

An adventure journal is a notebook that can document the journey of children. They should write down their experiences and what they experienced during their vacation trip. so that they will remember it until old age.

  1. Kid Map

Buy a Kid Map that they can unlock during the trip. This map is easier for children to read because it has cheerful colors. So that they can understand their journey more enjoyable.

  1. Colorful Bags

To make them more excited, bring colorful bags of their choice to store their toys and books.

  1. Podcats

Set up Spotify with children’s podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts for kids to listen to along the way.

  1. Mad Libs Book

This book contains funny and crazy holiday stories for children.

  1. Magnet Game

This game can make the child’s journey busier and not make him bored.

  1. Travel Podcats

This podcast can be listened to with parents so they can know other family vacation stories.

  1. Sticker Book

Buy a sticker book filled with funny faces.

  1. Mini Eraser

You can give it as a gift when the child starts to feel bored.

  1. Travel Journal

Contains what activities they will do and travel instructions

  1. Stamp

Stamps can be put on every trip they have done

  1. iPad holder

So that children can watch comfortably

  1. Favorite Games

Bring a game that can stimulate his brain so he doesn’t get bored on the trip.