This is 10 Great Tips for Screen-free During Family Road Trip

Watching iPad, DVDs, Youtube, and so on is very helpful to calm the children along the road trip. Unfortunately, this turned out to make the children bored and annoyed more quickly during the trip.

Watching or playing games online can make their days go by so long. In addition, when we go on road trips and spend too much time looking at the screen, we lose quality time.

Doing Screen-Free During A Road Trip

Make their journey more meaningful and enjoyable without having to stare at the screen all the time. Here are 10 screen-free tips during road trips:

  1. Create a Road Trip Journal

Before we go on a road trip, keep a travel journal. This journal contains which places we will visit. Keep a journal with the addition of colorful pictures so that the children feel more interested.

Give a little explanation of each destination so that our children understand the place we are going to.

  1. Polaroid

We can paste this polaroid photo into the road trip journal. Every place we visit, we must take a photo and paste it into our travel journal.

When we move on to the next trip, the kids will be excited to take pictures again using the polaroid.

  1. Stamp

In addition to polaroid, you can also prepare a stamp. This stamp will be affixed to every place you have passed.

Including scenic spots along the way. Keep their fingers busy sticking the stamp on the road trip journal.

  1. Kids Map

Make a road trip map for your trip. On this map, you can provide interesting pictures of the places you are going to visit.

This will make them look for information and be curious about the place they are going to.

  1. Give Music

To be scree-free, we also have to provide music in the car. Bring headphones or music on the car radio.

Look for music from their favorite movies like Disney. Good tunes will make them sing along the way and forget about their iPad.

  1. Playing Games

Of course, the trip will be boring if we don’t play games. You can make games that sharpen their brains.

For example, you can make a game about the knowledge of the tourist attractions that you will visit. Give a game that makes their competitive spirit emerge.

  1. Snacks

Snacks are something that should not be missed for a road trip. Before going on a road trip, give the kids a chance to shop for their favorite snacks.

After going on a road trip and they are getting bored, give them their favorite snacks so they can recharge their energy.

Also, bring “surprise snacks” that you make yourself at home. You can make cookies as a surprise snack.

  1. Stop at the Rest Area

Occasionally stop the car in the rest area. Let the kids play loose and run around. Taking a break will put them in a good mood again.

Buy them ice cream when they stop at the rest area so they will be cheerful again along the way.

  1. Give a Nap Time

During a long journey, of course, our children need a nap. Bring a headrest so they can sleep comfortably.

If you want to make your child more comfortable, you can rent a mini van for a road trip so they can move freely and rest comfortably.

  1. Rewards

After the road trip is over, give gifts to the children. This prize is a reward because they managed to survive without an iPad screen during the trip.

The importance of rewarding is for them to remember their struggles during this exciting journey.

10 Family Favorite Vacation Spots

Family vacations are the most fun, especially for children. They will remember vacation moments with their family until they grow up.

All memories during family vacations can be immortalized in photos and social media posts. The most important thing is that we can give the best time to our children.

Family’s Favorite Vacation Spot

Of course, there are favorite places for family vacations that must be on our wishlist. Make a list of tourist attractions that you will visit with your children.

Spend vacation time with your children so that when they return to school they will have their spirits up again.

Here is a list of the world’s favorite family vacation spots:

  1. Walt Disney

Who does not know this tourist spot?. Almost every family in the world visits Walt Disney. Here you can see shows from all the Disney cartoons.

This place is in Orlando, where many circus shows use Disney costumes. In addition, you can also snorkel in this area.

  1. Fire Island

Being in New York, this place is one of the favorite places for family vacations. Here you will not find shops and cars.

Because here is a place of natural beauty. You can invite children to love nature more. Because the beach here is very beautiful and clean.

  1. Santa Cruz

Being in California, this place is full of farms and ranches. The kids could see dogs and chickens on the farm.

You can rent a bicycle to get around the beach and hunt for ceramics in the city center.

  1. Grand Canyon

Bring your family to see one of the natural wonders in the world. This national park is perfect for a family vacation.

You can see very beautiful scenery. There are many rides that your children can try here. But it should always be under your supervision.

  1. San Diego

If you want to take the kids to the beach, go to San Diego. Here you will find many clean and beautiful beaches.

Coronado Beach and Mission Beach are family-friendly beaches. Here you will find calm waves.

Once satisfied playing on the beach, you can also visit the zoo in San Diego.

  1. Orcas Island

Orcas Island is in Washington. This place is perfect for a summer vacation. You can take a ferry to explore this island.

This place has very cold blue water. In addition, it is surrounded by pine trees and makes the atmosphere in this place very cool.

  1. Hawaii

Who is not familiar with this place. Besides being used as a Honeymoon place, Hawaii is also one of the favorite places for family vacations.

Here you can stay in Waikiki and have an unforgettable experience. All lodging services in Waikiki place great importance on your experience.

The sea with blue skies and white sand makes children excited. After you spend time in Hawaii, the hotel staff will give a surprise fireworks party for your family.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located in California. This place is one of the family’s favorite tourist spots. Here we will see a private beach on a lake.

The accommodation here is equipped with a swimming pool. You can spend time cycling, BBQ, hiking, and more.

  1. Exuma Island

Being in the Bahamas, this place is a very quiet beach. You can take your child to build a sandcastle on the beach without worrying about big waves. Spend time with family at this place.

  1. Jackson Hole

This place is suitable if you want a winter vacation. Because 3 mountains can be used for skiing or hiking. Take your kids to practice skiing here

Here is The Top 20 Family Road Trip Favorites

Summer vacation has arrived, it’s time for your family to plan a road trip. Take your kids on a road trip and enjoy their summer vacation.

And you don’t have to worry that this trip will be boring. Because there are many ways to keep kids in the car while on a summer vacation road trip.

Top 20 Road Trip Favorites

We collected 20 mandatory things that need to be brought on a road trip. These things are children’s favorite so they don’t get bored during the trip.

Here’s the list:

  1. Wiki Stix

This toy will make a very pleasant travel companion. Children can increase their creativity by playing Wiki Stix.

  1. Headrest

The headrest on the car seat will make the children feel comfortable sleeping during the trip.

  1. Doodle Board

If the child is getting bored, there is no need to give paper and a pencil. Bring a doodle board so they can draw and play along the way.

  1. Headphones

Bring headphones because they are easy to fold and put in the bag. Buy wireless headphones so the kids can wear them comfortably.

  1. Disney Storybooks

Bring a collection of Disney stories. Including the songs that fill Disney movies.

  1. Buoy

If you plan to go to the beach or lake. Don’t forget to bring a life jacket. Let your child blow the buoy during the trip to be more excited to go on vacation.

  1. Favorite Snacks

Snacks are something that should not be forgotten. Buy children’s favorite snacks ranging from ice cream to their favorite snacks.

  1. Adventurer’s Journal

An adventure journal is a notebook that can document the journey of children. They should write down their experiences and what they experienced during their vacation trip. so that they will remember it until old age.

  1. Kid Map

Buy a Kid Map that they can unlock during the trip. This map is easier for children to read because it has cheerful colors. So that they can understand their journey more enjoyable.

  1. Colorful Bags

To make them more excited, bring colorful bags of their choice to store their toys and books.

  1. Podcats

Set up Spotify with children’s podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts for kids to listen to along the way.

  1. Mad Libs Book

This book contains funny and crazy holiday stories for children.

  1. Magnet Game

This game can make the child’s journey busier and not make him bored.

  1. Travel Podcats

This podcast can be listened to with parents so they can know other family vacation stories.

  1. Sticker Book

Buy a sticker book filled with funny faces.

  1. Mini Eraser

You can give it as a gift when the child starts to feel bored.

  1. Travel Journal

Contains what activities they will do and travel instructions

  1. Stamp

Stamps can be put on every trip they have done

  1. iPad holder

So that children can watch comfortably

  1. Favorite Games

Bring a game that can stimulate his brain so he doesn’t get bored on the trip.